Reliable Delivery:  Since 1992, we always deliver the quality contracted, the right quantity and always on- time. You never have to worry about how secure your deal is.
Integrity in Marketing: Always a good match between the quality and price. One single marketing and pricing policy not to allow confusions in the market. Respect to existing business relations in the different levels of distribution channels.
Precision in Processing: According to good manufacturing practices at customer's specification or our custom specification. Fulfillment of most demanding specification.
Efficient Handling: An integrated system taking care of the product from growing to final destination. By means of most up-to-date, techniques, appliances, machinery and equipment, and logistics. A system far beyond the competitors.
Sufficient Availability :  A multi-regional sourcing programme to allow regular supplies around the year. We minimize the adverse affects of weather conditions for the availability of the raw material. A constant flow of goods over the years.