The manufacturer who will step in organic segment with his own brand faces the following challenges:
 1-Whether the organic raw material for his finished product be supplied regularly every year in sufficient quantities?
2-Whether the raw material is in full integrity with the organic production principles?
3-Whether the ordered quantities will be fully honored by the supplier for the quality and the quantity?
 Providing the full guarantees for the above critical points, Sanex is able to supply to an ever increasing portfolio of customers since 1989.

Contracting with the organic farmers on a three year basis and, arranging projects in multiple geographic regions, Sanex is in a position to avoid the shortages that may arise due to the adverse weather conditions, illnesses and diseases.

Our agronomists and farm technicians monitor and provide consultancy to the contracted farmers in cooperation with our organic control body. Only by this way, we are able to assure that the farmers fulfill the requirements of organic growing principles and buying only the products which has preserved their organic integrity.

The condition in the third article is related not only to organic business but more to business ethics. Although at times when the price in the market has increased to double of the contract price, our customers have received the their orders at the contracted price quantity and quality and this is the point where the loyalty of our customers lays on since 1989.