History:Our Grandfather has emigrated from Island of Crete to Izmir and has started the dried figs growing and olive oil trading in Turkey.

He had set up very good relationships with the other food merchants throughout the country.

He was selling wagonloads of these goods to whole country and buying the local specialty foodstuff from every province.

These country-wide relations had provided a very good base for the future development of the company with a very good sourcing.

When the time had come for the organic growing, we could know what part of the country is convenient for organic growing of a certain type of a fruit.

We could find most isolated villages which otherwise would be impossible to explore. These were the villages producing a certain fruit or a vegetable in the system of a hundred years ago.

The second generation has kept the company away from the turmoils of the Turkish economy and further enlarged the assortment and turnover.
Now, in the third generation we have gone beyond the borders of country and exporting to every corner of the world all these good, healthy products.