We have our own factory that we process and pack majority of various fruits. However as the product line has wide spread with different assortments (juices and concentrates) and the sourcing is countrywide, it became a must to hire subcontractors to cover the whole range and provide that the freshly picked fruits are processed at the shortest time possible after their harvest.

What about the quality ? We work under HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control points) in place and are working to complete the process of GMP (good manufacturing practices.

Not any batch without meeting our quality standards leaves the factory and --the high standards in our products have always provided to pass the quality checks with flying colors at the arrivals --. This is not a sentence from us but a sentence from one of our customers in USA.

We have clearly defined specifications for all the raw materials that we buy and, the products that we produce. However we are also able to produce under the private specification of the customer. Due to the flexibility in our system we are able to comply with the strictest specifications.

Private Label customers: Any type of brand or label, whether consumer or private is possible. We are able to pack under customerís private label. Just give us the artwork for your label and we will organize the rest for you.