We are an “Organic” company. As we are organized to place the organic concept into our core business, we meet the expectations of a company who has decided to produce and organic product.

The critical questions of the company that is planning to produce an organic product:

 -Whether we will be able to source the organic raw material in the shape we need,

-Whether we will source the organic raw material regularly every year,

-Whether we will source the organic raw material at a reasonable and regular cost

 throughout the years.

-Whether our contract for the organic raw material be honored,

Our critical role starts here. We endeavor to remove all these questions from the check-list of our clients and according to our clients we were successful so far.
As our raw material is fresh fruits and vegetables and these are available in a very short period of the year, the quick decision-making and ability to be flexible is very important in our business.

If you can not adopt these features into your company, the risk of passing a year without doing anything and leave your industrial client looking for the raw material desperately all around the globe. We have seen many large conventional companies entering into our market without making this business plan and having big failures in fulfilling their obligations to their clients.

Another policy that we have adopted into our company is the multi-regional sourcing: We have organized a few different projects for each raw material of us. For instance, we have three different organic apricot projects in different regions of Turkey. One in the Western, one in the Eastern and one in the Central Anatolia

If there becomes a problem in one of the projects such as a late frost in blossom time, a disease on the trees, or an insect on the fruits we are able to compensate the loss from the other regions. We never leave our customer without the raw material.

The other advantage that we have is the consolidation of Markets; As we have different lines such as fresh, frozen, dried, juices and concentrates, we are able to use the total of the crop from our projects at the best value possible.

We sell the top quality table fruit for fresh market. We freeze or dry the industrial type raw material and press juice from the lower grades. We never throw away a piece of fruit. The result as you can imagine is an optimal combination of costs and sales.

Whereas the others are either using fresh table quality in industrial production and being extremely expensive or, poor quality in the freezing and having extremely inferior quality in the end product